Profile For att_anal_lovers

  • My Gender Woman
  • Seeking a man
  • Age 29
  • City
  • Body Type Trained&Fit
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Status In a relationship
  • Occupation Healthcare
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In My Own Words:


I want to lose my anal virginity!!!!

So I am looking for a fun, sporty, energetic man who would love to take me from behind. I have a reasonably good sex life at home but anal sex is totally out of the question with my man because he just does not know how incredibly nice it feels.

I do occasionalley slip a toy or my fingers up there, but yeah I’m just so curious as to how it good it would feel if there is a delicious throbbing hard dick pressing up againt my butthole, slowly sliding in, back and forth until you release all you cum deep in my ass
Can you Fulfill that fantasy of mine? Thought id upload a pic to get you straight in the right mood 🙂