Profile For didrika

  • My Gender Woman
  • Seeking a Man
  • Age 33
  • City Ashburn
  • Body Type Busty
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Status Single
  • Occupation Physician Assistant
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In My Own Words:


My name's Pamela, produced and raised US gal. I'm seeking a powerful manly buffed/torn man with a little submissive run. lol I understand this mix is rather uncommon but that's why I'm looking here..
So unquestionably NO sissy boys, guy with low self esteem or the so called metro guy (FUCK thats unattractive)!!!
I enjoy my guy manly!
I trust I dont' pull emotionally disturbed people because I 've enough of those around me hehehe. (j/k)

I 'm quite dominant in nature, believe I can safely say that..I 'm sensitive to a man who can cope with that.
Sometimes I enjoy to simply set it out there in this wonderful large cyberworld and seek that what I want.
Which is what I just described to you hehehe
(sorry im being a smartass :))
So A mascular guy who occurs to love his submissive nature at the proper time. (which is when you're with me :))

Allright expect to hear something from you guys!