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  • My Gender Woman
  • Seeking a Man
  • Age 29
  • City Ashburn
  • Body Type Athletic
  • Ethnicity Asian
  • Status Single
  • Occupation
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In My Own Words:

Hi hottstuf whatss up you like the view here? πŸ™‚
youre welcomoe πŸ™‚
looking for men who like small breasts and prefer the perfect ass (as opposed to huge tits??)
Lol what can you do with huge tits cept feel em up?? A luscious ass is waaaaaay better i reckon!!
You can squeeze it and caress it… Maybe get really naughty and even put a finger in it?? Hmmm i promise I wont say no darling… Anything else you would like to stick in there?? hmmm i can think of a couple of things… But they all revolve about what you have in your pants for me :)))

oh and goes without sayinng but when you are don with my perfect ass plz don not forget about my pussy.. have a feeling that it will already be soaking wet from all the ass-play though :)))

xxx Joanne