Profile For SeXyLeXuS

  • My Gender woman
  • Seeking a man
  • Age 39
  • City
  • Body Type Curvacious!
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Status SIngle
  • Occupation Stripper
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In My Own Words:

Hello I’m Lexus, caucasian girl with some roots in africa aswell.. I’m 39 years young and I used to be a professional stripper.. Used to work in Amsterdam but now bback home
I’m looking for a new challenge and that is probably the greatest challenge in life! To find a normal, friendly, funny, caring, sexy, goodlooking, wel endowed man that would like to be my life partner..
I have met to many weird, strange and bad men in my life and it’s time that I settle down with a normal guy..
He does have to be sexy and well endowed though as sex is my favorite hobby..
I have never stripped for a boyfriend or someone that i really love and I would love to do that because stripping and seeing a man enjoyi8ng usually makes me really hot, but sex with customers is off limits thank god so that is something that i have never done before and would really llike to try… With the right guy of course preferably a man between thirty and thirty-five years of age who has no problem with me being a stripper.

Love Lexus (will let u kno my real name when i think its safe)